GF55 Partners is the partnership of David E. Gross, AIA, Leonard Fusco, AIA and Shay Alster, AIA dedicated to the practice of Architecture and Interior Design. Founded in 1984 as GF55 Architects, the firm offers a complete range of architectural design services. Based in New York City with an office in Miami Florida, GF55 has successfully completed projects throughout the United States.

Our Approach

GF55 designs each project as a specific set of circumstances, which inspires our discovery in
the creation of physical form.

GF55 has a wide variety of projects and a diversity that enables us to bring a fresh vision
to each project.

GF55 has a principal-led management approach whereby one principal is responsible for
directing the team and monitoring quality through each phase.

GF55 seeks excellence through a collaborative search for the best solution in the creation
of architecture.

GF55 believes that cost control needs to be continuous and transparent, from the beginning
of the design process.

GF55 is committed to and experienced in Green Building / LEED system. We have LEED certified
staff and are committed to environmental building technology.

GF55 has a corporate culture that is dedicated to each client, and is grounded in a “hands-on”
approach that is practical and effective.