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New York, NY (August 18, 2015)The challenge for GF55 Partners, architecture and interior design firm, was to update the 6,500 sq ft showroom’s industrial bones to create a more feminine and versatile space for Laundry by Shelli Segal. Located at 530 7th Avenue in the heart of New York City’s Fashion District, Laundry (a Perry Ellis International brand) company is updating its portfolio and creating a new space to reinforce its California aesthetic of West Coast Chic.

“We start by assessing the company’s identity and interpreting that into a perfectly designed space,” said Jaime Fevreiski, Project Architect at GF55. “Our goal was to find the design expression that reflects Laundry’s embodiment of the quintessential “LA Girl”. We chose a subtle and neutral palette, using white washed wood, polished marble, frosted glass and natural limestone to showcase the brand’s sophisticated styling.”

GF55 Partners and Perry Ellis International have worked together for the past 16 years. Projects include offices and showrooms in New York and Miami. GF55 has a growing Retail and Franchise Division that manages the expansion of name brands across the country with services ranging from shop concept to retail program implementation.
“In our design of fashion showrooms, GF55’s goal is to maintain the brand’s image while keeping the design flexible to adapt to our clients’ changing needs,” said David E. Gross AIA Partner at GF55. “It is a synthesis of a company’s design vision transformed into a physical aesthetic.”

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