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Long Island City, NY (August 24, 2016)– 46-09 Eleventh Street in Long Island City, New York, has earned Residential Multi-Family Best in Class for the 2016 Brick in Architecture Awards. The Brick Industry Association awards visionary projects that demonstrate brick’s aesthetic flexibility. The Architects are GF55 Partners / Leonard Fusco AIA Partner in Charge and the Developer is Ekstein Development. The mixed income building is 47,800 square feet containing 59 units.

The brick itself is unique and creates an interplay when seen under various lighting conditions. While the building’s’ massing connects to the surrounding industrial environment, the charcoal iron spot brick was chosen to elevate it from the red brick of the neighborhood that was recently rezoned from industrial to residential. This is due to the brick’s composition of clay with a large amount of iron. Fusco said that the brick “which is dark has a reflective quality which serves to enliven the building façade. Depending on the time of day, the brick envelope gives this building many different characteristics”. While simple, the façade has a sophisticated proportion. The massing of the building is a clean rectangle with a metal panel slice denoting the entry and providing a visual counterpoint to the brick. To recall the local area’s factory heritage and to connect to its thriving artistic community the building design employs a modern interpretation of brick detailing, including brick window framing and a pixelated irregular brick pattern.

GF55 has won 5 Brick in Architecture Awards in the last 5 years which is a reflection of the firm’s continued exploration of the aesthetic potential of brick. The firm is devoted to providing high quality contextual buildings by utilizing simple materials in a creative way.

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