Press Release


GF55 Partners, an architecture and interior design firm based in New York City, has been awarded the 2010 New York City Chapter American Institute of Architects Andrew J. Thomas “Pioneer in Housing” Award. This honor is awarded annually since 1993 to architects who have made significant contributions in pioneering housing in New York City.

GF55 Partners is a nationally recognized architecture firm of Residential Multi-family Buildings. Over the past 25 years, David E. Gross AIA, Leonard Fusco AIA and ShayAlster AIA have completed multi-family apartment buildings, townhouses condominiums, senior centers, cluster housing, mixed-use facilities and private residences in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. Based in New York City with an office in Miami FL, GF55 has designed 49 New York City Residential Buildings with over 3,700 total units. Of those, 16 buildings are mixed income and 10 buildings are 100% affordable. GF55 has designed 30 Apartments and Housing Developments outside of NYC with over 6,100 total units.

GF55 Partners has been honored for its housing designs. In 2009 the Kalahari won the Urban Land Institute’s Models of Excellence Award. The Webb Building in Jersey City NJ was honored with the “Green Building Award” by the City of Jersey City and the “Urban Development Award” by the NJ Redevelopment Authority. The New York State Association for Affordable Housing awarded the Project of the Year Award to the SoHa 118 in 2009 and 444 Manhattan Avenue/ Brownstone Lane in 2006.

GF55 is expert in Green Design. The Kalahari earned LEED Silver and was the largest residential Green Building in NY at the time of its completion. Its was featured as the “Hottest Green Project for 2008” in Green Matters Magazine and the “Top Green Building in 2007” in Development NY Magazine. The Webb Building was the first 100% affordable and LEED rated building in the state of New Jersey.

PDF of Housing Award to GF55 Partners