Chelsea Park

260 West 26th St
New York, NY

Chelsea Park was inspired by the art galleries and the vibrant Chelsea community in New York City. It is a 12-story mixed use multi-family residential building completed in July 2013 and is LEED Silver certified. The project goals were to construct a high livability, amenity rich, and sustainable building that sets a new standard of residential multi-family buildings in Chelsea. The building totals 215,000 sq ft (181,850 sq ft of residential space and 31,065 sq ft of commercial space). There are 204 units of which 41 are affordable housing which meets the program goals of a mixed-use building in which 20% of the units are affordable.

The building was designed to be compositional; it sets back on the 8th story creating a blocky massing for the 215 foot-long facade. Light color brick was used on the upper setback floors to make the building appear lighter and precast stone frames the floor to ceiling windows. Smaller brick volumes were designed to break down the massing and reveal a metal vocabulary between them, resulting in a varied composition of mass and materiality adding to the contemporary feel. The building interior’s grey scheme references the galleries by using grey concrete floors in the lobby, thin brick veneer on the walls in the lounge, and scored walls as background surfaces for presenting art work.