NYC Penthouse

New York, NY

The clients wished for a unified apartment in which the design enhances the flow of spaces and panoramic views, while creating a suitable setting for their collection of glass, Lalique crystal, Galle bowls, and Tiffany lamps. For the space to function well and be compatible with the collection, GF55 designed architectural details characteristic of French Art Deco and brought in luxurious materials and sinuous lines to the space. The entrance gallery is rich and luminous with granite flooring and walls finished in plaster mixed with sparkling silica chips. Evocative of the 1930s, horizontal bands of cherrywood on trimmed plaster walls created a streamlined feel. The dining room and hallway are separated by a stained glass panel with zinc frames inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. The vision for the dining room was a jewel-like setting with a curved gold leaf cove ceiling effectively displaying Lalique’s The Firebird of 1922. GF55 designed the dining room cabinetry and bedroom furniture inspired by Emile-Jacques Ruhlman. GF55 wanted to go to a historic source, not replicate, but rather allude to the motifs for new custom contextual pieces.