Rye House

Rye, NY

The plan for Rye House was to expand the 1800 sq ft home to fit a contemporary lifestyle while creating a dialogue between old-modern and new-modern. The idea was to preserve the modernist philosophy by the original architect Ulrich Franzen while renovating the home to be forward looking, flexible, easy to maintain, and connect with the natural surroundings. The design added 2,200 sq ft of living space with a new entryway linking the original part of the house to the new wing. The new living room and guest room additions were built into the slope and on different levels creating a more dynamic home that flows with the earth. A key component to the renovation was to make the new compatible with the old but not replicating it. One way this was accomplished was by preserving the ratio of glass versus wall allowing for natural light. The project combined the small kitchen with a bedroom to create a larger eat-n kitchen as well as expanded two bathrooms. The look for the interior is natural and earthy, with rugs and artwork adding color, and mid century classic furniture by Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe, and Alvar Aalto. This home has received the AIA Award of Merit and has been featured in Architectural Digest, Modernist Dialogue in NY, HGTV, Design for Living, and Modernism Reborn, Universe.