Sound Beach House

Sound Beach, NY

Located on the bluff on the north shore of Long Island Sound, the Sound Beach House extension & renovation was designed as a modern addition to the original 1974 ranch style house. A major issue was bluff erosion as high waves, wind, groundwater and surface runoff have caused significant loss of land to the sea. Erosion control measures were necessary to allow for the proposed addition and to prevent significant property damage and potential loss of both existing and new structures. The focus was protecting the home from the elements while maximizing light and water views.

The entire roof was sloped in the opposite direction of the bluff to direct rain water away from the bluff, to minimize erosion. Rain water is collected through gutters and directed by pipes to a water flo-well, located landward and away from the bluff.

The entry foyer of the house addition features “see-through” stairs, giving it a dramatic view of the ocean and the drop of the bluff. The stairs act as a “connector”, separating between the old house and the new addition. There are large windows on the north façade and a glass sliding door opens up to an extended mid-level deck along the north-south stairs axis.