South Harlem


Seven new buildings on two adjacent city blocks in Harlem between Manhattan Ave and Frederick Douglass Blvd, and W 118th and W 120th Streets.

GF55 envisioned an urban design where avenue facing mid-rise apartment buildings bookend brownstone townhouses on the side streets. New York State Association for Affordable Housing awarded SoHa118 Project of the Year in 2009. 444 Manhattan Avenue & Brownstone Lane received that honor in 2006.

Manhattan Court
128 Units / 121,500 sq ft

Brownstone Lane
48 Units / 83,700 sq ft

93 Units / 185,000 sq ft

Susan’s Court
120 Units / 130,500 sq ft

Brownstone Lane II Townhouses
27 Units / 41,400 sq ft

Morija SDA Church
3-Story Building with Mezzanine / 12,000 SF

Brownstone Lane II Apartments
27 Units / 34,900 sq ft