The built environment is the natural
landscape of urbanism

GF55 Architects

Founded in 1984, GF55 Architects is the partnership of David E. Gross, AIA, Leonard Fusco, AIA, and Shay Alster, AIA. We have a genuine love for architecture and bring a joyfulness that is fundamental to the creative process. We seek excellence through a collaborative search amongst ourselves, our clients, and expert consultants. Embracing modern technology and work practices, GF55 is hands-on and results-oriented without prejudice to project type or scale.

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Our Approach

GF55 Architects is headquartered in New York City. Urban design is in our DNA. It’s what drives our belief that the built environment must be humanized in order to be a part of the natural landscape. We use context as an organic approach to design. Modern solutions are anchored by precedent.

GF55 is grounded in practical reality and are experts at results-oriented design solutions. Our design philosophy is based upon the understanding that design solutions must be a collaborative effort with influence from all sectors of society; that we must consider the realistic parameters of timelines, budgets, constructability, historic context, local impacts, and the environment at large.

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