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Mount Vernon


Mount Vernon, NY

Project Scope



David E. Gross AIA



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Albert Vercerka/Esto

Architecture as a Socio-Economic Bridge

This development is a three phase project in Mount Vernon, New York. The site enjoys excellent public transportation as it is a major stop on all north bound commuter trains out of Grand Central Station and it's located on two major auto highways. Mount Vernon has a socio-economic divide between its northern more residential suburban area, and the southern area subject to urban blight. The vision for this building is to bridge the socio-economic separation and unite Mount Vernon.

Phase 1 consists of the mixed-use Gramatan Building which contains workforce housing, commercial, parking for the retail area, community facility use, a mini police station and substantial tenant amenity spaces such as meeting room, lounges, a gym, tot lot, study areas, movie theater and yoga room.

Phase 2 is The Oakley Building that was built as a market-rate home ownership structure located between the other buildings.

Phase 3 consists of the Crary Building which is at the farthest and eastern most portion of the PUD, and will feature 59 units of senior housing.

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