Alvista Rise Tree of Life


147-07 94th Avenue
Jamaica Queens, NY

Project Scope

Multi-Family/ Affordable Housing


Shay Alster AIA

Related Project

Alvista Towers



Redefining Downtown Jamaica, Queens

Conceptualized as part of a modern commuter ecosystem, Alvista Rise is centrally located in downtown Jamaica Queens, strategically situated near Jamaica Station, and just across the street from another GF55 project, Alvista Towers. Together, the Alvista Development will serve as catalysts for sustainable urban development and define a new skyline for the neighborhood.

With over 545,000 SF and 543 residential units, Alvista Rise will be one of the largest residential buildings in downtown Jamaica. The 25-story mixed income building contains a variety of unit sizes and types serving a diverse population of incomes. Generous amenity spaces have been created throughout the building to engage residents. These include lounges, yoga center, children’s play area, and workstations. A music room, art studio, and pet cleaning station can be found in the cellar while rooftop amenities include a BBQ grill station, outdoor play area, a dog run, and lounges with extensive views of Manhattan and JFK airport.

The Alvista Development buildings face each other along 94th Avenue. The size and length of the two 25-story buildings provide the opportunity to carve out a new street environment. The design of Alvista Rise’s façade incorporates a similar vertical pattern as its sister building but is differentiated through material. The vibrant facade along Alvista Rise’s 325 feet length is punctuated by vertical elements that reference Alvista Towers across the street; creating a visual dialogue between the two buildings.

Tree of Life Alvista Rise is Enterprise Green Community certified. Reduced carbon footprint, safe materials, energy-efficient appliances, water conserving fixtures, and advanced water conservation are intended to prepare the building for local climate hazards.

Together, Alvista Rise and Alvista Towers will directly support an evolving urban development, actualizing the envisioned growth of Jamaica as a vital center to work, live, and play.

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