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Alvista Towers Tree of Life


147-36 94th Avenue
Jamaica Queens, NY

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Shay Alster AIA

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Joshua McHugh

Reaching New Heights in Jamaica, Queens

When completed, Alvista Towers was the first high rise in the immediate downtown Jamaica Queens neighborhood and signaled the start of a transformative development wave for the community. Recognized by the Queens Chamber of Commerce as a Buildings of Excellence, Alvista Towers is a 25-story building comprised of 380 residential units which include both inclusionary housing units and moderate income units.

With only manufacturing sites surrounding the immediate area and a lack of any strong pre-existing architectural reference or clear context, the design solution for Alvista Towers was achieved via materials used. Intricate brick details and patterns at the base of the building connect the architecture on a pedestrian-human scale, while the application of broad and energetic vertical strokes of EIFS, painted in varying earth tones on the tower bring visual interest and large-scale vertical movement to the building, juxtaposing it against the strong horizontal element of the nearby transit tracks.

The program for Alvista Towers raises the bar for lifestyle standards in affordable housing by providing numerous amenities which benefit the residents and create a stronger sense of community. Amenities include a gym, yoga room for wellness, playroom for families with young children, a computer/co-work area for professionals, indoor and outdoor lounges, finished roof terraces for social settings, and a doorman for security.

Tree of Life Alvista Towers is Enterprise Green Community Certified.

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