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Harlem River Point


1951 Park Avenue
New York, NY

Project Scope



David E. Gross AIA, Shay Alster AIA



Photo Credits

Albert Vercerka/Esto


Gold Brick in Architecture Award

Shadowing the Organic Growth of a City

Harlem River Point development at 1951 Park Avenue in Manhattan, is a mixed-use and 100% affordable housing complex bounded by the Park Avenue elevated railroad to the west and Harlem River Drive to the east. It provides 313 residences in the east Harlem neighborhood between E 131st St and E 132nd St. There are over 300,000 SF of residences from studios to three bedroom units at three affordable housing incomes. There is 1,800 SF of commercial space, 10,300 SF of community facility space and a landscaped central courtyard between the buildings.

The design of Harlem River Point is a U configuration with buildings increasing in height as it runs east from Park Ave. The massing is a metaphor for the organic way a city grows over time with rectangular balconies and forms breaking down the overall scale to create a lively composition. The building’s connectivity to the neighborhood and its surroundings, with an aspect of the bridges and gateways, anchor it to this point on the Harlem River. This concept is carried through in the building design as seen in the integration of the community space with residential space, orientation of the building, entry points to the building, and vibrant open spaces for public and private use. Building amenities include gym, laundry, bike storage, and playground.

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