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West Bronx Projects


  • 220 East 178th Street
  • 225 East 179th Street
  • 2189 Morris
  • 269 East Burnside
  • 2359 Walton

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David E. Gross AIA



Photo Credits

Albert Vecerka / Esto

A Fresh and Modern Aesthetic for the West Bronx

The West Bronx is in the midst of an urban renewal. The area is rich in architectural history. The Grand Concourse reveals a diverse archive of Art Deco, Colonial revival, neo-Tudor, and neo-Renaissance buildings. Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, and the New York Botanical Gardens come alive with the seasons and bring new generations through the West Bronx. In its current reincarnation, the West Bronx has emerged once again as a canvas where history is intertwined with a modern aesthetic.

GF55’s design for five buildings in the West Bronx is a reflection of the area’s latest metamorphosis. The buildings are modest but the brickwork for each is intricate. Dispersed throughout the West Bronx, the five buildings can be found at 220 East 178th Street, 225 East 179th Street, 2189 Morris Avenue, 269 East Burnside and 2359 Walton. Together, the buildings deliver a fresh and modern aesthetic to the West Bronx.

The five buildings share a similar massing design which calls out the collection from its urban environment. The height of each building is emphasized by a column of windows which rises to the top floor. Each building then steps down to the roofline of the ninth floor which is similar in height to shorter neighboring buildings. For 220 East 178th, 225 East 179th, and 2189 Morris Avenue, brick is used to frame the nine-story rectangular geometries. White metal panels call out a rhythmic grid of windows. Intricate brick patterns create unique facades for each building.

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