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The Rennie Tree of Life


2351 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard
New York, NY

Project Scope

Multi-Family/ Commercial/ Institutional


Shay Alster AIA

Related Project

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Photo Credits

Pavel Bendov

A Modern Design References its Historic Roots

The Rennie and The Abyssinian Church were adjacent projects located in Central Harlem. The Rennie is an 8-story mixed-use multifamily building that sits where the old Harlem Renaissance Ballroom Theatre Building once stood. Brick details and arrangements, textures and specific colors intentionally recall the historic Renaissance Ballroom. The Rennie, surrounded by classic brownstones, sits across from Harlem’s historic Strivers Row and was designed to share an architectural language with its immediate neighborhood.

While striking a connection to the past, the Rennie was also designed to accommodate the modern Harlem community. The 134 residential unit building includes affordable housing units, 17,500 SF of retail space and 24,000 SF of community facility including conference, event, performance, educational, and wellness areas.

The Abyssinian Church in the adjacent lot was completed with The Rennie and is a 5-story new construction building including a Fellowship Hall, offices, multipurpose classrooms, and a commercial kitchen.

Tree of Life The Rennie is a LEED Silver Building.

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